Liar, Liar

21 Jun

I have been at my job for almost 90 days now.  A big milestone.   Once 90 days have gone by, I will be eligible for medical benefits, a raise and possibly a promotion.  I definitely love the way this hotel is managed. It runs very smoothly for the most part, and it’s quite busy which always makes the time pass faster.  In some instances I still feel like the newbie, but for the most part, I’ve caught on quickly, and feel very confident, and I get along with just about everyone.

Just about.

You see, there is one desk agent that totally gets under my skin.  I dread having to work with him, and the longer I am there, the less patience I have with him.  He is over-confident, extremely bossy, and butts in on every conversation and checkin.  In between, he will happily tell the other agents how good he is, how many tips he’s received, or how many 100% scorecards he has received. (Our guests can score us on our checkins, etc.) And although he is “just” a desk agent, he struts around the place like he is the one.  I have learned to not ask questions if he is nearby, because he will jump in with his opinions and a lecture on how to do things correctly.  Which is funny, because most times it is he who is doing things incorrectly.  But I will talk more about that later. 

Right now, I want to dwell on the fact that I think he is a pathological liar.  Sound harsh?  Maybe, but it’s true. Let me set the stage…

Picture in your mind a guy, mid 50’s,  5 feet 5 inches tall (at best), graying hair, big square glasses and a belly as big as a pregnant lady 8 months along.

Now envision him eating… excuse me… inhaling a big cheeseburger, french fries, and anybody’s desserts that have been offered to him… daily.

Does the picture in your mind match that of a man who runs daily?  Or who is planning on winning the St. Louis marathon in October? 

No, me either.  The first time I heard him tell a guest that he runs the 3 mile track around downtown every day, I nearly burst out laughing.  But being the professional that I am, I smirked to myself and laughed about it in front of my husband instead.

If that isn’t bad enough, last week he told me and a few other agents that he is going to win the St. Louis marathon this October.  I just looked at him.  “Yes,” he says.  “I run a marathon everyday… well not every day.  Sometimes I only do a half marathon.”  I just looked at him.  “Yeah, my girlfriend has been riding her bike along side of me, and the times I have been clocking are comparable to what the finish times were last year.  I am going to win,” he says.  I just looked at him – questioningly – thinking to myself, does he really think that I believe him?  He knows I run.  I look like I run – and I only run 16 miles a week – and I am supposed to believe that he runs that a day?  Yeah. Ok.

So yesterday, another co-worker was telling  me how much this person bugs her.  She’s the one who mentioned the term “pathological liar” to me.  That’s what got me thinking that maybe he really is.  It makes me wonder if anything he has ever told me is true:

He was a POW.

He built up  a contracting business then sold it for millions.

He built the owner of our chain of hotels house.

He has a girlfriend.

I don’t believe any of it.  And I should just accept it, and let it roll off my back… but it bugs me to no end.  My husband thinks I should have fun with him, and set him up, but right now, I don’t even want to look at him.

It helps to get this off my chest, though, so perhaps in the near future I’ll be able to set him up, and then laugh with you all about it. 🙂 

Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Liar, Liar

  1. Jules

    June 22, 2011 at 12:32 am

    I totally agree with the Mr..
    I say mess with him. I”ll try to think of some good ideas for you. lol.
    You know – if you get a promotion, you can put a halt to all that crap. Talking about tips is a major no-no…catch him when a guest is in the same room and possible within earshot and then let him have it for talking about tips out loud! Or call him out in front of a guest…if they ask you were to go for a run, say “_____ runs top marathon times, maybe he can give you some good routes in the area”. My question for him would be WHICH marathon are you talking about??
    And definitely in October when the marathon actually happens—check the result list for his name and please let us all know how he did. 🙂 If you let me know his name I’ll try to pull some juicy details off facebook!

  2. territerri

    June 22, 2011 at 12:43 am

    He definitely sounds like someone with major, major issues. You know, it would be one thing if he picked one or two things to brag about. But to claim that he’s had such huge success in so many areas? Of COURSE he’s lying!


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