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Girl Trip Gone Better

The last time I went on a road trip with my daughter, we came back in tears.

Since then, Mario has made remarkable strides with her bowling.  Enough so, that we decided it was worth the trip to Indiana for a week long bowling tournament.

This tournament is the largest youth bowling tournament in the world.  There are over 700 girls in her division alone, and people come from all over for a chance to win the Junior Gold title and possibly a spot on the USA Team.  It’s HUGE for young boys and girls alike.

Mario qualified for this tournament before going to Chicago where the problems began.  Well, not really problems necessarily, but changes.  She’s had to learn a whole new way of bowling, and a lot of her confidence was taken away.

After her tears dried, she got back on the lanes and fought hrough her demons.  She  practiced daily, worked with a coach, and has gotten most of her confidence back.

So she was excited to travel to Indy, meet some of her favorite pros, and bowl with hundreds of girls who would give her a run for her money.

And they certainly have.  Her scores haven’t been overly impressive, but her attitude, focus, and determination definitely have been.  The first day of competition, the ball stuck to her hand and pulled her down.  Her greatest fear had been realized, yet she picked herself up, laughed with her teammates, and bowled again.  Every day after that, the ball stuck to her hand at least once during the day, but she didn’t let it crumble her.  It’s very scary for me to watch it happen, but I am incredibly proud of her resilience.  I know she’ll overcome this, and will be back on this “stage” again next year.  Bigger and better.





We’ve also taken advantage of all the down time between tournaments.  We went to a movie, swam in the pool, and paddle boated along the canal.

Oh, and can’t forget…  Caught tons of Pokemon.  In fact, the canal was FULL of people, old and young alike, catching Pokemon, finding Poke’ stops, and taking over gyms.  I found myself telling Mario to watch her step, move to the side, look out for the pylons…  And wondered how everyone else could see where they were going with their nose to their phones.  Even so, it was great to see all these people out walking around.  I know it’s getting my kids out of the house more.

Now off I go to her final match.  Six days of bowling – every bowler’s dream – is coming to an end.

Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth release each and every time.  (Next time you can wish for a win….)






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So this happened…

About six months ago I gave up ice cream in favor of fruit and yogurt smoothies.  They do a body gooder.  And at my age, as much as I push myself, I needed gooder food than ice cream to keep me going.

So last night after work, I set out blending my favorite mixture of Greek yogurt, strawberries, dark cherries, blueberries, bananas and kale.  This is a nightly ritual for me, and after a long day at work, I’m usually fixing it on auto-pilot.  I pour everything into the blender, turn it on high, and use a spoon to push the frozen fruit down into the mix.  The next thing I knew, the spoon hit the blade, the mixture erupted out of the blender, I shrieked and let go of the spoon, which splattered out more of the smoothie, and by the time I found the off button, well….

I looked like this….




And the ceiling looked like that.  And the floor.  And the cabinets.  Worse, I had to keep the frozen mixture on my head until my hubby could find his phone and take a pic.  Joy.

I cleaned myself up and sat down with what was left.  I was still picking out bits of fruit and kale this morning before my bike ride…

on my brand new bike!


I haven’t been on a ride since my tragic accident two years ago, but I was somehow convinced to ride a 175 mile MS Bike ride in September, so I figured I better get back on it.  In two rides, she has 52 miles on her.  Not too shabby for being a little bit gun shy, but she makes me feel pretty secure.  Both brakes work for one.  Perhaps I’ll call her “Grace” in the hopes that she’ll keep me safe.

Anyway… Hope you all were able to celebrate our Independence this past weekend.  I celebrated with 400 of my closest friends at the hotel.  And although it was a great time, I plan to enjoy my belated holiday weekend that started today!

Wait.  No fireworks?


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