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How things have changed

I can’t believe how much my life has changed these past few months.  Not necessarily for the worse, but certainly different.

The hotel, of course, is my biggest focus.  It’s very successful which makes me look good in the eyes of people who matter.  At some point, I suppose I can take credit for it.  After all,  I’ve been there 7 months now.  But I still defer the credit to my team.  They’re the ones doing all the work.  I just steer them in the right direction.  I stay heavily involved though, because they could easily veer off course.

It’s fun.  I still love it, and I’m riding high in that regard.

Now that things have slowed down there, my work schedule has stablized.  I leave the hotel by 5 or 5:30 during the week, and I’ve had the weekends off.  Almost like a real job!  But that’s where the uneasiness sets in.  I’m not happy having lots of downtime.  Why haven’t you been blogging?! you might think.  And I’m not sure of that answer.  I definitely have things to write about, but although I still enjoy reading others’ stories, I haven’t been able to will myself to the keyboard. Lucky for you, (or not), the rain and the empty house have led me here today.

My hubby, having landed and then quit a job 2 weeks later (don’t ask), is just as uneasy.  Here we are, far from home, and as nice as these people are, they’re just not quite, how should I say… cultured?  I’ve termed it a “bless their hearts” town.  They try, but they’re not quite there.  Not that we’re better than they are, but we’re realizing Joplin isn’t home.

So he’s seeking too, and may have found his answer with the Red Cross. With all the devastation as of late, they’re needing tons of help.  He joined and was sent down to Florida soon after.  He’s been there a week now, and although he’s whipped by the end of the day, I think he’s enjoying it.  He’ll likely be there one more week, and my guess is, with another hurricane on the way, he’ll be happy to go back.  I miss him, especially this weekend, but I’m hoping he found with them what I have with the hotel.  A sense of purpose.

Enough about him now.  Back to me.  With all this time off work, and no friends and family to visit with, I’m lost!  We get to the weekend, and actually flee the area.  We’ve been to Kansas City, Springfield, Branson, St. Louis (another long MS BIke ride under my belt!), and Arkansas.  And that part has been fun.  Makes us feel like we’re on vacation.  But a weekend like this, when not even my hubby is home, kills me, and makes me think about going into work.

So I’m looking for hobbies.  Something that will make me content to stay home.   I’d like to say blogging should be one of them, but as hard as it is to say, it’s not high on my list.  But maybe… maybe… a little change in the structure….hmmm…that’s got me thinking.  I’ll have to revisit that thought….

Anyway, I need something that I like to do while at home.  I’ve actually thought about taking a class because I’m craving homework.   I’m not a sit and relax type of person, at least not at home.  Get me on a beach and I could read a book all day long.  But I’m not on the beach, I’m in Joplin.  Sigh.  Suggestions are welcome!  So long as it’s not housework.  I’ll never crave that.




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