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Blunders are the little things that go wrong throughout my day. As much as I try to control things, there inevitably will be something that sets me off course, and cause me to have to fight my way back on track.

Minimalistic Me

It’s amazing how minimally I can live.  I’ve been in my house for a week now and have only a chair and a mattress.


For dishes, I have 2 forks, a couple of spoons, and a plate.  I have my beloved cast iron skillet, a coffee maker, a toaster, and a blender.  And I am all set.

In fact, when I talked to my hubby yesterday, I told him not to bring anything down but himself.  I like living this way.  Maybe I’ll start to miss the TV, but I doubt it.  I’ve got Netflix.  Good enough for me.

It certainly helps that I live so close to everything – unlike before.  Before, I had to travel 40 minutes to get to any decent shopping or fun activities. Yesterday, I was in and out of my house all day long.  Went grocery shopping, came home and dropped it off.  Went to get lunch, came home and ate.  Went to the park, came home to get my laundry.  Went to the laundromat….

Ok, the minimalist in me is caving on that one.  I NEED a washer and dryer.  Now this particular laundromat wasn’t bad.  It was fairly clean, but it’s a laundromat.  And other people were there.  And I kept thinking “God please don’t drop any underwear on the floor….”

I tried to keep to myself, but a fellow laundromateer wouldn’t let me.  “You from St. Louis?” He asked me after seeing my Cardinals shirt.  “Yes, just moved here a few months ago,” I replied.

“What brings you to Joplin,” he questioned.  “My job,” I replied, not wanting to offer too much information.

“Oh, you work in a hospital or something?”

“No, a hotel….”

“You do about 25 rooms a day then?” He continued.

I looked at him questioningly, not quite sure what he meant.

He rephrased it.  “You clean, right?  How many?  About 25?”

I tried not to laugh.  After all, it’s a Saturday night, I’m in shorts, a tank and a ball cap,  and I’m in a laundromat.  Of course he would never have guessed I was the GM of the hotel.

I opened the dryer, not even caring anymore if my clothes were done.  I was just ready to get out of there.  The hotel has guest laundry machines. I’ll use those til my hubby brings ours.

And my cute little Cardinals shorts that I can’t find, and I’m thinking are still there….  sigh.  I guess they’re now the property of the laundromat.  I can’t bring myself to go back.



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So this happened…

About six months ago I gave up ice cream in favor of fruit and yogurt smoothies.  They do a body gooder.  And at my age, as much as I push myself, I needed gooder food than ice cream to keep me going.

So last night after work, I set out blending my favorite mixture of Greek yogurt, strawberries, dark cherries, blueberries, bananas and kale.  This is a nightly ritual for me, and after a long day at work, I’m usually fixing it on auto-pilot.  I pour everything into the blender, turn it on high, and use a spoon to push the frozen fruit down into the mix.  The next thing I knew, the spoon hit the blade, the mixture erupted out of the blender, I shrieked and let go of the spoon, which splattered out more of the smoothie, and by the time I found the off button, well….

I looked like this….




And the ceiling looked like that.  And the floor.  And the cabinets.  Worse, I had to keep the frozen mixture on my head until my hubby could find his phone and take a pic.  Joy.

I cleaned myself up and sat down with what was left.  I was still picking out bits of fruit and kale this morning before my bike ride…

on my brand new bike!


I haven’t been on a ride since my tragic accident two years ago, but I was somehow convinced to ride a 175 mile MS Bike ride in September, so I figured I better get back on it.  In two rides, she has 52 miles on her.  Not too shabby for being a little bit gun shy, but she makes me feel pretty secure.  Both brakes work for one.  Perhaps I’ll call her “Grace” in the hopes that she’ll keep me safe.

Anyway… Hope you all were able to celebrate our Independence this past weekend.  I celebrated with 400 of my closest friends at the hotel.  And although it was a great time, I plan to enjoy my belated holiday weekend that started today!

Wait.  No fireworks?


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From Pandemonium to Peace

“That’s never going to happen to me.”

I said those words multiple times during my leadership training, anytime someone mentioned a catastrophe that had taken place at their hotel.

I was kidding of course.  Having worked at the busiest of our hotels, I KNEW what could happen.  But at the time, I wasn’t in charge.  So by saying those words, I was willing the catastrophes away…


Turns out, I was beckoning them.

I was in charge when the elevators went down late one evening while guests were returning from a Cardinal’s game.

I was in charge when the key machine quit working, and we couldn’t give our guests access to their rooms.

I was in charge when the two housekeepers called off, and we had a whole hotel to turn around.

I was in charge when the guest from 592 had a heart attack and died later at the hospital.

And I was in charge when our newest employee picked a fight with just about everyone he came in contact with.  And I was the one who was going to have to let him go.  (Luckily, he quit first.)

One of my front desk employees asked me, “Why is it that whenever we work together, something crazy happens?  I’m a nice girl.  You’re a nice girl.  So why?”

I had to laugh ’cause it was true!  I told her, somebody up above wants me to learn how to handle any situation thrown at me.

She responded, “But I don’t want to learn ANYTHING.  I just want to check people in, then go home.”

Poor girl.  I’m sure she’s hoping to never work with me again.

But I meant what I said.  I don’t mind at all that I’ve been the one to have to handle these situations.  I’ve learned so much these past few months, and I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence in myself and my abilities.

That being said, I’m quite happy to have four days off in a row following nine consecutive days of “learning”.

I was able to be appropriately spoiled this Mother’s Day.  I had breakfast in bed courtesy of Chip.  The best fried eggs, toast, and coffee I think I’ve ever had.

Then it was out to lunch with the fam (minus one).  I enjoy these times – seeing the kids loosen up, listening to the banter back and forth.  Not to mention eating a fabulous meal followed by the. best. dessert. ever.

The day ended with a few games of pool with some good friends, and a night on the couch with more dessert.

I can’t imagine what I’m going to do with the next coupla days, but I’m hoping it includes more family time.  Most definitely, the best part of being a mom is my kids.  And it’s likely that once work starts back up again, it’ll be a while before we’re all together again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms!  Here’s hoping your day was as good as mine.



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Is relief in sight?

I thought my days were long before.  Eight or nine hour days with rarely a chance to sit down or eat. Sounds heavenly about now.

Not that I’m complaining.  I love my job.  Managing this hotel is as fun and complex and challenging as I’d hoped it would be.

But I AM complaining.  My days are now longer, and although I can make time to eat, by the 10th, or 11th, or even 12th hour, my feet are killing me.  Finding the right shoes has been a feat.  *ahem*  And one I have not yet mastered.  I’ve settled into a routine of stopping off at the shoe store on my way in, wearing the shoes at work, and then stopping off the next day to exchange them for another pair.

After two weeks, I have tried seemingly every shoe in the store, and my feet HURT.  I’ve even tried on the ugly ones, desperate for anything that feels comfortable.  Yet as soon as my feet realize I’m putting them in another shoe, they cringe and complain the whole time.

Now, I’ve worked in a hotel for over 5 years, and am used to standing all day.  But walking the halls of a hotel almost continuously, and setting up meeting rooms, and preparing for our nightly happy hour, and schmoozing the guests, is WAY different than just standing.

So today, my Saturday, I drug my hubby to the shoe store for what I hoped would be the last time.  I belabored over all the shoes I haven’t yet tried.  I’d put one on and walk the many aisles before putting it away and trying another.  A very friendly and patient sales lady noticed my frustration, and for the next hour, she brought me choices I had passed over for some reason or other.  I explained to her my many foot issues, and she set to work finding the perfect pair.

By the time I’d settled on one, we had a slew of open boxes scattered about, and my hubby was asleep in the “hubby chair” at the front of the store.

I’m not claiming success, however.  Not yet. The pair I chose was not in my size, but close enough to make me believe it would feel superb if it was just a half size larger.

Ginger kindly helped me order two different sizes, just in case.  I walked out of the store with $150 less in my pocket, and no shoes.

But I pray, when they finally come in, that they’re as comfy as I’m hoping.  And if so, I will order 10 more pair to ensure I never have to go through this again.

My hubby will gladly pay the bill.



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Cray cray

I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have been a little crazy for me.  The week following my promotion announcement was a busy one.  The hotel was busier than usual, and K and I were scrambling to find someone who would be qualified enough to do my job.  With no real answers, the decision making was pushed off until the next week.

Actually, K (the assistant GM over the front desk) and I knew exactly who the responsibilities should go to, however, we new our cynical GM would oppose.  C is the other supervisor at the front desk and has worked for the company for over ten years.  He transferred to our location and was promoted to a supe before I was.  Ever since then, our GM has been all over him.  Nothing he does is right in her eyes.  And she let him know it.  I was promoted to a supe a year later, and began taking over the admin responsibilities, while he continued to stay stagnate.  I felt guilty, but he never harbored any resentment towards me.  In fact, we’ve become great friends.

K and I know C has a ton to offer our hotel, and would love for him to take over.  In fact, he’s the only one currently at the hotel I would trust to handle the job.  So when the next week came, and we needed to make the decision, I spoke up.  She rolled her eyes when I mentioned his name, but she didn’t say no.  The decision was made!

So this past week I spent every free minute showing C what I do.  It’s not been easy.  The hotel was full due to a convention in the city, and a pre-Mardi Gras party south of town.  It’s difficult to train and run a completely full hotel in the process.  I came home exhausted at night, only to rise early and do it all again.

The pressure is easing a little, however.  Next week, my final week, C and I are scheduled together every shift with plenty of coverage at the front desk.  We should easily get everything covered and have him prepared to take over.  Just the thought helps me to rest easy.

Even better, I had Sunday off, and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  Sun shining and a high of 68 degrees!  After a nice outside run, and a hearty pancake breakfast, I headed out to wash my salty car.  I plugged in the hose, turned on the water, and noticed yet another leak.  That makes five. The lawn would get a nice sprinkling while I washed.

Halfway into it, I tugged the hose a little too hard, pulling it right out of the spigot.  That was that.  My poor little hose was done for.  I washed the rest of the car by splashing a bucket of water over it.  It worked well, but I ran to W*lmart soon after for a shiny new hose replacement.

It may very well be spring before I have a chance to wash my car again.  I’ve got one last busy week at this hotel before I begin 4 extensive weeks of leadership training.  I’ll be away from home most of the time, which in itself causes stress, but thankfully my hubby will be around to rule the roost.

And when I return, things will still be a little cray cray, I’m sure.  Just in a completely different hotel.  I can’t wait!



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Why vanity is a sin

Thirty minutes today.  Thirty minutes!

That’s how long I stood in front of the mirror huffing and puffing trying to get my unruly hair to lay just so.  Eventually I waved the white flag and pulled my hair back.  I’d be better off replacing my mirror with this….


I spent so long fighting the do, that I had to rush to the store to get Mario’s ingredients for the cake she needed to bake tonight.  As I loaded the car with groceries, the wind whipped through my hair, wrestling it loose from the clip I’d finally succumbed to.  *sigh*

I rushed back home, unloaded the groceries, reset my hair and left for work.

Forty-five minutes into my commute, just as my aggravation and stress was subsiding, all three lanes of traffic came to a halt.  For thirty minutes, we crawled at a snail’s pace past the three workers who nonchalantly went about filling the holes between the lanes.  I felt my blood pressure rise as I wondered if this would be the first time in five years I would be late for work.

Soon the dam opened up, and with just a few minutes to spare, I clocked in.

Now, I am home again, settled into my corner of the couch, and reflecting on the long @$$ day I just had.

Amazing how my little corner of the couch, which fits me so well, can immediately take away my stresses.

couch time






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Living gets in the way of life

This is my favoritest month of the year, and it’s going too fast!  It’s so hard sometimes to take in these beautiful fall days when so much of my time is spent at work or on the road.

I did manage to get some baking in for the first time in MONTHS.  But it wasn’t the fun, fall baking, that I’ve been itching to create.  Nope.  It was “I need 48 cupcakes and a 2 layer cake by Friday” kind of baking.

Yeah… somebody spilled the beans at work that I’m settled in my new house, and it does indeed have a working oven.

What was I thinking?!

And as usual, I’m too nice (or is it too dumb?) to say no.

So…. I spent my off day baking this

Chocolate Chocolate Cake

and this

Strawberry Cupcakes with Fresh Whipped Cream topping

and this

Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes

I shouldn’t complain.  It was kinda nice to dust off my kitchen aide mixer and heat up the oven for something other than pizza.  But my kitchen is quite a bit smaller than my last one and not conducive to huge amounts of baking.


Before the day was over, I’d knocked over a cup filled with 4 beaten eggs on to a kitchen rug, and soon after, knocked over a bowl of powdered sugar.  If you’ve never before done that, DON’T.  Neither one is easy to clean up.  I threw the rug in the wash, and I’m sure I’ll be cleaning up powdered sugar for days to come.

Out of the three types of cakes, only one was a major fail, and needed a do-over.  1 outa 3 ain’t bad.

But then I went and left them all at home.

Aye, aye, aye….  I am NOT. EVER. SAYING YES. AGAIN.

I mean it this time.




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