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Bugs Bunny’s exclamation has been screaming in my head these last few days. (Or was it Elmer Fudd??)  I can NOT get my thoughts to quiet down.  I’m used to being able to lay my head down on the pillow and crash…. not so much these days.  And anytime I’m awakened, my mind starts churning and I’m wide awake again.

Ah well, it won’t be long now before I have an answer.  I’m convinced it won’t be the answer I want, which is a good thing I guess… I’ll be prepared for a no, and will be thrilled with a yes.

You have no idea what I’m talking about, I know.  I’m keeping it to myself for a while.  Which could be why I CAN’T STOP THINKING!


In other news, surprising news, I have joined a gym.  I know, right?!  But with temps in the single digits, and ice and snow and wind, my outside runs are very limited.  I have a treadmill and elliptical downstairs, and I’ve always been good about using them…  but my hubby joined the gym, and then Amp and Chip joined the gym, and since the price would be the same for all of us to join the gym… it made sense for me to join (the gym).

The Y bought out the Health Plex at the local hospital, so I’ve found myself sweatin’ with the oldies.  It’s quite entertaining to see ’em all in their sweat pants, leisurely walking on the treadmill, catching up with each other (small town stuff), then parting ways as I’m still trying to force myself to stay on as long as I would have run outside.  It’s not been as bad as I expected, and I certainly don’t feel judged while I’m there.  So it’s a good thing.  If it helps me get through the winter without losing my running legs, it will have paid off.  But the first time the morning temps get above 28, I’m outa there.

But so far, so good this New Year.  The youngest two have settled back into their school routine.  High five to my hubby and Amp for passing the first semester with much better grades than expected.  (Did I mention Amp received the Illinois State Scholar award?  Yup.  C’s and all…. 1 of 5 in his high school to receive it.)  Smart kid.  Just doesn’t fit the roll of a student….

He’s doing his senior project these next few weeks.  Working with kindergartners at a school nearby.   He helps the teacher hang stuff on the walls, and keeps the kids corralled when walking through the halls.  He also finds himself the primary shoe tie-er.  “I’m double knotting their shoes, so there’s no way they are coming undone by themselves, yet I keep tying this one kid’s shoes over and over again….”  All I can do is smile.  I can see he likes it more than he lets on.  Besides the fact, he doesn’t have homework!

Mario is still hanging with the boys on their high school bowling team.  Each year she improves more and more.  I’m finding myself totally living through her.  So fun!  She somehow convinced me to bowl with her in a 9-pin tournament this weekend.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve picked up a ball!  Plus, my thumb has not been right since my biking accident.  But I agreed, knowing I have lots of excuses to fall back on if I don’t bowl well.  She’s looking forward to beating me… not something she’d been able to do in the past.

Alright, guess I’ll hit the publish button now.  Gotta get back to the brain churning…. aaaargh!


Stop the madness

Oh thank God it’s Tuesday.

By couch time I will no longer be subjected to the ridiculous campaign ads that have overtaken the air waves.  Can anyone really make an informed decision on a 30 second jab of their opponent?  Not me, anyway.  I made my decisions based on what my well informed hubby convinced me of.  (Although I did negate his votes on a couple of topics.  Oops.)

This day also happens to be my Friday.  Well deserved I might add.  The church group is back in the city.  Remember them?  The ones who made our lives miserable at the hotel for over a week?  Yeah.  They’re back.  But kudos to our management team who denied service to the guests who gave us such a terrible time last year.  Our guests this year, while very needy, have been quite sweet and easy to work with.  It’s the housing bureau who have been a pain.  But only in my butt and a few of our managers.  Whatever.  I can handle it.  But first I need a few days rest.

Speaking of rest… I actually took advantage of the extra hour Saturday night and slept!  Didn’t even get up to exercise.  I wish I could say I spent the rest of the day relaxing, but it was Sunday.  And Sunday for me is usually a day of work.

And with my hours, I haven’t noticed the effects of the time change yet.  I’m used to getting home after dark, so no difference there.  But when I ran early Monday morning, it was light out!  And while it won’t last, it was nice to see and be seen.  I think I’ll try it again tomorrow.

Conveniently, as I wrap up my day, and this post, I’m watching the wrap up of election day.  I’m happy to see my votes counted on some pretty important races.  Not so happy to see it didn’t on others.

And thrilled that it’s finally over.


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I have a secret hanging upon my mind

Oh heck.  It’s no secret.  I turned 45 today!

And to celebrate, I took a four day weekend – which includes an actual weekend! Even Sunday!  I started it off Thursday with an annual trip to my girl doc.  She ordered me to get shots and get smashed.  Seems appropriate for a birthday celebration.  But I have a whole year, so I may just “celebrate” when I get closer to next year’s appointment.

With that out of the way, I proceeded with the slothness I’ve been looking forward to all summer long.  Occasionally guilt set in, but then I remembered… it’s my birthday… so I dug deep to see what it is I really want to do… and it turns out it’s NOTHING.  I really want to do nothing.

Of course, nothing can’t start until I’ve at least got a workout in.  So this morning, I set out on my usual 7 mile route.  Now usually, I run this route in the dark.  But today, my slothday, I slept in til 7!  So my entire run was in daylight!  Oh the things I could see!  (Lotsa cars for one.  Felt a bit like I was in the Frogger game.)  I was having so much fun, my 7 miles turned into 8, and I was almost sad when it was over.  (I did have a little bit of “take that 45!” to inspire me to keep going.)

The family is making it easy for me to do nothing.  They picked MY day, to go on a college visit… without me.  They left with a lot of “Are you sure you don’t mind?”  “Are you sure you’ll be alright all by yourself?”  “Won’t be too quiet for you, will it?”

I assured them I’ll be alright, and tried to hide my excitement as I booted them out the door.

And I was!   I had a great day of doing what I want, when I wanted.  Well, except for Senior night at the football game.  But even that wasn’t too bad.  The fact that Amp has made it to his senior year, and is done with marching band is a huge relief to all of us.

I ended my day with the last of my candy corn and peanuts, a bowl of ice cream, and the couch.

I love being 45.*

*Do I sound at all convincing?

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Slow but sure

This time last week I could barely stand up without excruciating pain.  Trying to propel my right leg forward to shuffle to the bathroom was a near impossibility.

But the following day I went to work.  And every day since then I’ve been at work.  Nothing like a week of being on your feet all day to recover from a blow to the belly.

The first two days were torture.  I’d talk with our guests, smiling the whole time, but wishing they would just GO THE FREAK AWAY!  After the second night, I thought an ER trip would be in order, but came home to some Advil and my couch instead.

Each day got a little better.  The swelling slowly going down.  But the bruising.  Yikes.  I rarely bruise on the outside.  Even complained to Abby that I never bruise so my injuries don’t look as bad as they feel.  In fact, I still have no discoloration at the point of impact, but in the areas below my belly *ahem*, I am black and blue all over.  Gravity I suppose.

Because of the bruising, and because I’m still a bit puffy, and because I feel occasional weirdness, I went to the doc on Monday.  I know, right?!  I’m proud of myself too.

She grimaced.  And then pushed and prodded and asked a bunch of questions before sending me away with the advice to take it easy for a little while.  She said I most likely have a hematoma and the blood and fluid are being absorbed back into my system causing the bruising down below.

I left relieved that I wasn’t dying, and went straight to work.  Take it easy?  Ha.

But I haven’t run of course.  In fact, I haven’t done any form of exercise since dooms day.  So it felt good to get on my elliptical today.  I barely did enough to work up a sweat, but just putting on my workout clothes and heading downstairs was enough to lift my spirits.

The half marathon I’d plan to run in a few weeks is out of the question, but at this point, I’ll be happy to run any distance by then.

As for biking…. well I’m a bit afraid to get back up on it.  In fact, this spill has even got us talking about getting rid of the motorcycles.  We’ve talked about it before since our new home doesn’t quite have the space for them.  This just clinched it for us. It’ll be a sad day when I say goodbye to my Shadow, but we’ll use the money to visit my childhood home in Greece.  THAT, I’m excited about!  Flying is so much safer.


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Luck be with me

I’ve been laid up for over a week with my bum foot.  My toes and the ball of my foot are no longer swollen, but with a twinge remaining, I have done the smart thing and quit running.  Even though the temperatures have been incredible.  Even though I dread working out in my basement.  Even though… well, anyway… I quit.

As bummed out as I am over my foot, I’m even more bummed that my new shooz may have been the cause.  I really love them, but my extra wide left foot doesn’t like the narrow toe box.  I exchanged them for a bigger size, but they’re just longer.  Not wider.  So they’re going back too, and I decided I needed some expert advice.  I stopped at the running store on my way home, took the advice they gave me for fat-footed people, and headed home to research.  My sources have been pretty reliable in the past.  (The internet and Abby)  I bought the NEW new shooz today and hope to try them out tomorrow.   With luck, I’ll be happy and pain free.

We’ve had some recent good luck in other areas, so I’m feeling pretty good it’ll continue.  A few weeks ago we contacted a realtor to let him know we were looking to rent.  He just so happens to own a home that he rents to a lady who’s having trouble making payments and needs a cheaper place to live, and so he would love to rent it to us instead.  *deep breath*  We raced to take a look at it.  It’s young, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an unfinished basement and a 2-car garage.  We’ll take it!  The current lessee can be out by September 1 and we can move in shortly thereafter.

I now have motivation to start going through our boxes of stuff.  We have piles of stuff around the house.  Some to donate, some to store, some to take with us, and a LOT to trash.

We also got up the gumption to go stove shopping for our new buyers.  We drove the 40 minutes to our nearest shopping area and searched through a few different stores before calling the buyers.  “How would you feel about buying your own oven and we’ll pay you back.”

With that deal done, we headed to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  We’ve never eaten at Chick-fil-a, but it was close, and we like chicken, so we pulled in.  We were greeted by a young guy in his 20s who later informed us he’d worked at chick-fil-a for many years and married another Chick-fil-a employee.  Upon hearing we’d never been there before, he stepped around the counter to help us decide what to order.  Within minutes we knew what we wanted.  He quickly rang us up and told us to put our money away.  Our first meal would be on him.

The night was getting better and better!  We didn’t have to pick out an oven AND we got to eat for free?  And it tasted good too!  I’m sure we’ll be back.  Just not on a Sunday…

Now, if only this luck will continue during my run tomorrow.  (Please please please….)


I miss it!


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Fat Toed Sloth

I love running in a new place.  With new scenery to scope out, I often forget I’m running, and I can usually go for miles.

So while visiting Link, I was excited to run through downtown Columbus.  I took off towards a park not far from the hotel.  After a mile, I knew something wasn’t right with my Map My Run app.  She claims I ran that first mile in 7 minutes flat.  And my subsequent miles were much faster than normal too, including a 6 minute mile at one point.  I know I run faster when others are around, but that fast?  Really?

When I got back to the hotel I realized how.

My app presumed I was zig-zagging down the sidewalks.  And I’m talking HUGE zig zags.

columbus course

According to its calculations I was finishing a mile long before I REALLY finished a mile.  So who knows how far I actually ran that day.

The next day I ran extra laps *yawn* around the park since the GPS seemed to work better there.  I like the views of the city, but I also like knowing how far I’ve gone.

As I neared the end of my run, I saw quite a gathering of bright shirts up the street.  Seems a 5K was about to start.  In my usual manner, I picked up my speed, finishing strong, making it seem as if my 7 mile run was just a walk in the park.

Whether it was my ego-filled run to the finish line, or whether it was my new shoes which seem a tad too tight, whatever it was, I have not run since.

My foot ached all the way back to Illinois that day, making driving quite unbearable.  Standing on my foot at work the next day didn’t help matters.  The ball of my foot was swollen, and I couldn’t put any pressure on it or my toes.

The swelling has since gone down, but the ache in my foot remains.  Web MD has diagnosed me with one of two conditions. Metatarstalgia  or Morton’s neuroma.  Both are caused by repetitive pressure on the ball of the foot (ie, running) or by shoes with a narrow toe box.

Now I love my new shoes, but they DO have a narrow toe box, and when I first tried them on they felt tight.  I realized I’d forgotten to order a 1/2 size up since Brooks tends to run small.  But they weren’t that bad, so I ran with ’em.

Then this happened.  Luckily, Brooks has a 30 day guarantee – worn or not – and they’re sending me a 1/2 size bigger.  But I’m nervous.  What if they’re still not wide enough?  Will they let me exchange for the Ghost 7s, their widest shoe?  And will I like those as much?

Only time will tell.  Until then, I’m trying to stay off it as much as possible. My elliptical and bike have been my new best friends.  And I’m trying very hard not to be sad about missing THE. BEST. temperatures for running that I’ve ever seen in mid July.  50s and 60s in the early morning?  I wanna run!


But I’ll get over it.

I always do.



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To the top!

So I was over at Abby’s and was shocked to find myself at the bottom of her blog roll!  Had to find something to write about.  And quick!

But what?  How busy I am at work?  Nah.  You’ve heard that story before.

How lazy I want to be when I’m not at work?  Nope.  You’ve heard that too.

Well how about my new shooz? That’s new news!  Look at ’em…


Brooks Pure Flows

Brooks Pure Flows

They’re comfy, and light, and make me run fast for a long time.  I had planned to get another pair of the Pure Connects, but Abby mentioned she likes her Pure Flows so I wanted to give them a try.   And I’m so glad I did!  I have happy feet!  (And happy ankles, and happy legs… and since they’re all happy, I’m happy!)

So happy I threw a few extra miles in today.  Rudy could hardly wait til I finished stretching and cooling down.  See, he gets a treat after I’m done running.  I suppose he feels he did his part of guarding the neighborhood while I was gone.  I musta taken longer than usual because by the time I was all limber again, he was drooling from the mouth.  Who knew a piece of bread was so mouth watering good?


He would NOT let me get a picture of the drool.



Still can’t see it.


This time I had the bread in hand, and although it’s blurry, if you look close, you can see it! Both sides!

Alright, what else…  Oh!  We finally signed the contract to sell our house.  That’s new news!  We signed last week and they’ve given us to December 1st to get out.  We’re gonna want out before that, but it’s nice to have some time to find a new place.  I STILL wonder sometimes what we just did… sold our house out from under our feet… but the way I see it… since everything about this process went so smoothly, and since they LOVE it so much… it was meant to be.

moving day

It could happen….

And how about this weather?  It’s hot!  But not too hot.  And lately we’ve had afternoon pop up storms that are keeping the garden growing and the grass green and cooling things down a bit.  Sounds a bit like Florida, eh?  It’s all a part of our preparation process.

Let’s see.  Anything else?  Nope?  Well okay then.  This’ll at least get me back to the top of Abby’s list.  And hopefully soon, some blog worthy material will come along.

Until then, I’m off to read yours.



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